CLOTH THE 99.9 is a new cleaning cloth developed in the Netherlands with a completely new process that allows you to sanitize the cloth by simply wiping it with water.

The polyurethane coating on the surface of the microfiber has an overwhelming cleaning ability compared to ordinary cloths, and just by wiping with water, 99.9% of the wiped surface is sanitized.

This cloth is very economical and does not require alcohol or other sanitizing agents, so it can be used on anything, including baby products.

The CT9 is characterized by the special Polyurethane coating.

The combination of microfiber cloth and soft, irregular polyurethane works exceptionally well to remove germs and more!

The characteristinc "rough and sticky" reticulated surface has a far greater ability to remove dirt and bacteria than the smooth, hard surface of a typical cloth.

CT9, which does not require sanitizer, can be sterilized with water only.

You can use it wherever you want.

CT9 has obtained Oeko-Tex 100 certification for all of its products, an international safety standard for textile products.

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