Alubru, a new style kitchen brush set with an aluminum handle and four replacement heads.

This time, "Alubru -Urushi-" was born in collaboration with the technology we have cultivated and another industry of Hainan City, Yoshihiko Fujii, a painter who paints Kishu Kuroe.


10 different colors that add new value to your kitchen.


The collaboration between Alubru's functional beauty and Kishu Kuroe Nuri with over 400 years of history is the first attempt in the industry.


A product that has gained support over 650% of the target amount on the major crowdfunding site “Makuake” will be released on the general market in June 2020.

Color Variation


Japanese Red, Pink, Green, Blue, White, Silver, Champagne Gold


Majo Blue, Majo Green, Sparkling Black

-Yoshihiko Fujii-

Yoshihiko Fujii


Born in Kishu Kuroe in 1965. For training in the lacquerware business of the family business, he works alone, tours the Middle East, the United States and Europe, and exports lacquerware products and exhibits at department stores. Established in 2001, Nishi Kobo Fujii, based on the idea of using lacquering techniques for interior decoration.


In 2020, a new brand of Nachtman x Kuroe Nuri was launched in collaboration with the German-made high-end tableware manufacturer Nachtmann. We are actively working to spread Kuroe coating on various stages, including the world's first glass lacquer tableware.

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